D1: Process Journal (February 4th)

today i finished my program, electing to have a conversion chart for the time values instead of a calculator, as there is no mathematical formula that converts 42 and 12 hour values. I have been testing my program as I finished sections of the converter, and did a final check at the end of class.


D1: Process Journal (January 31st)

I was under the impression last class that the program was due today, but as an extension has been given, I have added the time conversion back into my program. I was able to begin by programming the program to limit the maximum time value to 24, as there are only 24 hours in a day.


D1: Process journal (January 28th)

Today I finished programming and published my program. Looking at the required way to convert the time units and the complicated differences between the AM/PM values would have made it very difficult to finish the program on time, so as to finish the program, I removed the time converter, which unfortunately brought the total units that can be converted to 4, instead of the 6 I had originally imagined. I do wish I could have more possible conversions, but in order to finish on time, I had to remove the time value.

D1: Process Journal (January 22nd)

Today I finished all conversion programming and testing for the ‘distance’ tab. I set it up similarly to the temperature conversions, making a button that will return the user to the main form, a button to completely end the program, as well as a button to activate the calculation and convert the values.

D1: Process Journal (January 18th)

Today I made sure my design folder blog was up to date with all correct parts and complete research/descriptions for each of the sections. Using the final few minutes of class, I was able to create forms for each of the distance conversions and link the buttons on form1 to those additional forms, but no conversion or GUI programming was done.

D1: Process Journal (Jan 15)

I finished programming the process of converting the temperature units for both F-C and C-F. I tweaked the appearance of the form slightly so instead of the answer appearing in a label, the answer will now appear in a text box, but if the user were to edit the answer text box, it will have no affect on the conversion.

Fahrenheit – Celsius program:

jan15 1 fc

Celsius – Fahrenheit program:

jan15 2 cf