A5: Testing strategy

As the educational element of my program is planned to be a simple part of the final product, the most important thing to make sure that is accurate is the conversions themselves. to be sure of this, I will have to go one by one, testing every possible combination for my program. To test, I will start by testing whichever system is placed as the first option in my design, then the first option for conversion, then I will choose a few random numbers to convert and then check my answers against the actual values. after testing that one route, I will repeat the process, choosing the first system option again, and then the second unit option, continuing in this fashion until I have tested all possible options. after testing all of the options for one system, I will repeat the process for the other system. This can be a very time-consuming way of testing, but I think it is the most reliable way of testing the final program.


One thought on “A5: Testing strategy

  1. Ståle Brokvam

    I would also have someone else try the system and comment on usability, i.e. ease of navigation – is it logical and simple to use? You could have a few guiding questions or simply have them comment on whatever they think. In part E (Evaluate), you must discuss the feedback and show that you’ve considered it carefully.


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