A1: Identify the problem

For Americans living overseas, the change from going to customary units of measurement to metric can be very challenging for someone with no previous experience to the metric system. The metric system is a very easy and simple way of measurement  but it can take quite some time to get used to on a daily basis. I was able to get used to the metric system over a period of about a year, through experience and mistakes made in conversion. By creating a more interactive unit converter than the standard ‘type in the unit, click a button, and get a result’ converter, someone coming from the United States overseas can learn unit conversion much easier if a converter has more of an interactive interface that teaches the concept  while being used as a conversion tool. If it were to only be used as a conversion tool, then the user would learn very little about what is actually being done to convert the unit, but if for example, a visual interpretation of the conversion were to be included along with the answer, the user would learn the concept much more efficiently and would be able to at the least, approximate converted values between the two systems.


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