A2: Design brief

I am going to make a unit converter, which can convert customary units to metric, and metric to customary, while subtly educating the user of how to do it themselves mentally, which may not give exact results, but will give a result close enough to the actual result. As someone who has had to become accustomed to the metric system on a daily basis, I intend for this to be used by others, in a similar situation as I was in a few years ago,  who have little or no understanding of the metric system and will need to become familiar with how it works for their daily lives. It could be used by people of all ages, so It would need to be simple enough that a child could use it effectively, and useful enough that teenagers and adults would also be able to use it without being bored with childish details. Finding the balance between fun and useful may be difficult to find depending on design. For how the converter actually works, it will need to be able to convert values of weight, liquid, distance and speed from both metric and customary units into their international counterpart. There will need to be a place to select the units, enter unit values, indicate which unit will be converted, and a box that outputs the final value.


One thought on “A2: Design brief

  1. Ståle Brokvam

    You could also say that this would be equally (or even more) beneficial for people used to the metric system, where everything is consistently measured in multiples of ten, who then have to contend with a random assortment of feet, yards, ounces, miles and more, none of which seem to align neatly with anything else… 🙂


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