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D1: Process Journal (January 31st)

I was under the impression last class that the program was due today, but as an extension has been given, I have added the time conversion back into my program. I was able to begin by programming the program to limit the maximum time value to 24, as there are only 24 hours in a day.



D1: Process Journal (Jan 15)

I finished programming the process of converting the temperature units for both F-C and C-F. I tweaked the appearance of the form slightly so instead of the answer appearing in a label, the answer will now appear in a text box, but if the user were to edit the answer text box, it will have no affect on the conversion.

Fahrenheit – Celsius program:

jan15 1 fc

Celsius – Fahrenheit program:

jan15 2 cf

D1: Process journal (January 11)

Today I designed the temperature conversion and was able to find a way to hide previous forms so that they would not build on each other and create unnecessary mess on the user’s screen. in looking for the Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion formulas, I realized I had forgotten to add  liquid measures to the program, and I added them in the place of the speed conversions, which had been removed last class.

view of liquid conversion select screen:


Updated form 1:


Temperature conversion forms:

jan113 jan114

Actual programming as of now for temperature:


D1: Process journal (January 9)

January 9

Created the base of the interactive screens and linked the buttons on the first form to open the other forms. Due to miles per hour – kilometers per hours being the same conversion as miles- kilometers, I also chose to remove the ‘speed’ category form my converter.

Code written:jan9 1

From button: Temperature

jan9 2

From button: Distance

jan9 3

From Button: Time

jan9 4

From Button: Mass

jan9 5